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Jo- (Support Worker) & Melissa (Co-ordinator)

Jo- (Support Worker) & Melissa (Co-ordinator)

The Information Shop offers free and confidential information, advice, support and counselling to any young person aged between 13 and 25 years old.  As an independent charity, we are able to work without imposed agendas or external targets, and just concentrate on the needs of young people as they present them.  We are a “quality service”, using the quality standards of Youth Access, the National Organisation for Young People’s Information, Advice, Support and Counselling Services.  This means that our priority is the safeguarding and welfare of the young people we work with, and we are committed to providing services that are educative and empowering.  We work in co-operation with other agencies concerned with young people within our confidentiality framework, and many young people are referred to us as well as “dropping in”.

In addition to our membership of Youth Access, we are members of the BACP (the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) and work strictly to its’ Code of Ethics.

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Our staff team is made up of volunteers and paid workers, all of whom receive relevant training both for working with young people and for their specific roles – rights-based advice work, counselling, information and support.  The Information Shop has over sixteen years experience of working with young people in Chichester and the surrounding areas, and we have gained a high reputation for our work.  We are a Service that young people can trust and use with confidence.

Confidentiality – What is it? = “What you tell us stays with us”:  It’s quite hard to trust a Service just because it says it’s confidential.  We believe that for a Service to really work, we have to build trust with you, and that means that what you tell us doesn’t go outside our Service.  We are an independent charity, so are not linked to schools, doctors, social workers, parents or any other Service.  Sometimes, we are asked if someone has attended an appointment here and what was said, and we always, always say that we can not tell them!  The only time we would is if we were extremely concerned that you or someone around you was at real risk of harm – and even then, we would involve you in what we were doing as much as possible.  We strongly believe that young people who use our Service have a right to confidentiality.  If you have any questions about this, then do please ask.  We want you to feel confident in what you can expect from us.

Download our leaflet about what we do here at the Chichester Information Shop. Click to download.

The Team

Canisia, Hadiya, Tahura, Fern,Emily and Claire

Kirsty, Ariadne, Hannah, Fern, Claire and Melissa M

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Monday: 2.30pm-6pm                                              Tuesday: 1.30pm – 5pm
Wednesday: 1.30pm – 5pm
Thursday: 1.30pm-5pm                                          Friday: 1.30pm – 5pm

We are here for all young people aged 13 – 25, drop in!

Charity Registration Number: 1148771

About Chi Info Shop

The Information Shop offers free and confidential information, advice, support and counselling to any young person aged between 13 and 25 years old. As an independent charity, we are able to work without imposed agendas or external targets, and just concentrate on the needs of young people as they present them.

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